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the phantomhive servants

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gintoki dedicated to amazing nozusagi

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"All of the sudden I’m feeling this weight again. If I threw it away it might be easier, but somehow I don’t feel like it. It would be too boring to keep walking without them." ~ Gintoki Sakata


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Ao Haru Ride ep. 7 - color pallete

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K A G E Y A M A    T O B I O
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It’s not like he doesn’t make mistakes, and he’s quick to let taunts get to him, but…
He’s the second-strongest after Azumane, and most importantly,
his ability to perform when he’s cornered doesn’t deteriorate.
That mental strength…
Those are unmistakably…
The qualities of an ace.

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I am going to change this wrong-way world of ours.

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”Pain changes people but it also makes them stronger.”

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Let’s go, Sakura! Sasuke!

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